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Pearson’s Wrong Answer


Updated(Oct. 10): Pearson responded to this post in the comments section. SeePearson’s Apology.

Last Friday morning, my fourth grader handed me her “Thursday folder” shortly before we needed to head to the bus stop. I was glad to see a perfect spelling test, and a bunch of excellent math assignments and math tests. Time was short, however, so I flipped to the wrong answers. And sprinkled among the math tests, I came across two wrong answers that caused me concern.

The first problem was this:

Now, I looked at this problem before I’d had my morning coffee, and I wasn’t sure at first that I wasn’t just missing something. So I posted this picture to my Facebook feed, and asked my friends to confirm that I wasn’t crazy.

But my daughter was right: if Curtis walked three miles a day for 26 weeks, Curtis did in fact walk…

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Too Much Too Soon: Why We Need To Stop Rushing Love

James Michael Sama

I’m sure I am not the only one who browses Facebook and quite often comes across photos of engagement rings and ultrasounds and changed last names from marriages and thinks to himself: Wait, weren’t you just single?

Everything seems to move faster these days, naturally. We have instant text messages and don’t need to send letters. We can Google something and not need to go to the library. We can get to know someone much quicker because we can talk to them any time of the day rather than limiting our interactions to sporadic phone calls or seeing each other in person.


So, it seems that it would also naturally follow that our relationships will progress faster. But the frequency of how often someone is in our life does not change our emotional capacity to develop a real lasting bond with them any quicker. We can say whatever we want…

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-Unknown Author

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Love’s Success

In the cold world we live in my wish is to keep warm! Being successful to the world means being 25 with it all together! The job, the house and the car parked out front. A savings and a corner office with the amazing view that you rarely have time to enjoy between meeting deadlines and being one step ahead of the competition. The way things are structured it’s get money or finish last!

But what if the warmth I need resides in your arms? What if I’d be content without the “American Dream” but simply my own piece of ‘pie? Boo, would the success of True Love not be enough for the world? Raising a family, defying statistics that say black love is not only rare but when found sure to fail! How odd is beating the odds instead of following them? How valued is “Love’s Success”?


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World Changing Women: Coretta Scott King and Kasturba Gandi

Pardon My Audacity

MLK_weddingWorld Changing Women

When I came up with the concept of doing a the World Changing Women I did it for selfish reasons. I wrote a sprawling love letter to a musician that was tailor made for her because it encompassed song titles and lyrics written and or performed by her. I was in fact, showing off. Like it to Whitney Houston doing an unnecessary run because she could, and no one else could do it quite that way, and most certainly not better. Any man can write you a love letter, even if he’s not in love with you. If he’s ever been in love, he can simply put those thoughts to paper and present it and you’ll love it and never know it wasn’t meant for you. So as all of our female readers are pursing their lips up and about to roll your eyes… Your man gives…

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Fresh Restart

We end some of the best things prematurely. We are too concerned with making “us” fit into the “them” that “they” have told “us” we should be. So much so that “we” don’t give “us” a chance to be the “us” that “we” were destined to be. “We” turn miniature mole hills into Appalachian mountains and ignore what “we” already know is, because it doesn’t fit into the format “we” have prearranged for loves part of “our” lives. “We” let the opinions and advice of these people and the pride the devil sends conquer and control “our” own emotions and meditations of hearts. So “we” walk away from each other and betray love. But the further we pull away the magnetic force is strengthened, multiplied by the length of the days spent pretending to forget, added to the days that we unconsciously moved through, squared by the remnants of nights spent missing you and the times when 1+1 was 2 and the answer to me was you! Can we be a anew? Clean slate, new house, laced shoes? So that we don’t trip, healed history, ripped past, maturity. Strength to stick together and share the truths, courage to defend the love not allow them to prosecute. I want a Brand New Love, but with the same old you! I want to fall in love again but this time I want to tell you to do it slowly, ease inside of me mentally like you don’t know me, be gentle with me, spoon and hold me closely….To your heart…!!! I pledge better days, I’ll always be present never just a memory and by your side even if King Kong grabs and pulls me. It’s time we go and freshen up, reinvent what was perfect from the start, better than reset a Fresh Restart!


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