World Changing Women: Coretta Scott King and Kasturba Gandi

Pardon My Audacity

MLK_weddingWorld Changing Women

When I came up with the concept of doing a the World Changing Women I did it for selfish reasons. I wrote a sprawling love letter to a musician that was tailor made for her because it encompassed song titles and lyrics written and or performed by her. I was in fact, showing off. Like it to Whitney Houston doing an unnecessary run because she could, and no one else could do it quite that way, and most certainly not better. Any man can write you a love letter, even if he’s not in love with you. If he’s ever been in love, he can simply put those thoughts to paper and present it and you’ll love it and never know it wasn’t meant for you. So as all of our female readers are pursing their lips up and about to roll your eyes… Your man gives…

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