Love’s Success

In the cold world we live in my wish is to keep warm! Being successful to the world means being 25 with it all together! The job, the house and the car parked out front. A savings and a corner office with the amazing view that you rarely have time to enjoy between meeting deadlines and being one step ahead of the competition. The way things are structured it’s get money or finish last!

But what if the warmth I need resides in your arms? What if I’d be content without the “American Dream” but simply my own piece of ‘pie? Boo, would the success of True Love not be enough for the world? Raising a family, defying statistics that say black love is not only rare but when found sure to fail! How odd is beating the odds instead of following them? How valued is “Love’s Success”?


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2 comments on “Love’s Success
  1. Fatema Vanak says:

    Before the world’s pleasure to define your success ,we first require to be and only feeling to be happy

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