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Pearson’s Wrong Answer

Originally posted on parentingthecore:
Updated?(Oct. 10): Pearson responded to this post in the comments section. ?See?Pearson’s Apology.? Last Friday morning, my fourth grader handed me her “Thursday folder” shortly before we needed to head to the bus stop. I was…

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Too Much Too Soon: Why We Need To Stop Rushing Love

James Michael Sama I’m sure I am not the only one who browses Facebook and quite often comes across photos of engagement rings and ultrasounds and changed last names from marriages and thinks to himself: Wait, weren’t you just single?

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-Unknown Author

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Love’s Success

In the cold world we live in my wish is to keep warm! Being successful to the world means being 25 with it all together! The job, the house and the car parked out front. A savings and a corner

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World Changing Women: Coretta Scott King and Kasturba Gandi

Originally posted on Pardon My Audacity:
World Changing Women When I came up with the concept of doing a the World Changing Women I did it for selfish reasons. I wrote a sprawling love letter to a musician that was…

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Fresh Restart

We end some of the best things prematurely. We are too concerned with making “us” fit into the “them” that “they” have told “us” we should be. So much so that “we” don’t give “us” a chance to be the

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