Fresh Restart

We end some of the best things prematurely. We are too concerned with making “us” fit into the “them” that “they” have told “us” we should be. So much so that “we” don’t give “us” a chance to be the “us” that “we” were destined to be. “We” turn miniature mole hills into Appalachian mountains and ignore what “we” already know is, because it doesn’t fit into the format “we” have prearranged for loves part of “our” lives. “We” let the opinions and advice of these people and the pride the devil sends conquer and control “our” own emotions and meditations of hearts. So “we” walk away from each other and betray love. But the further we pull away the magnetic force is strengthened, multiplied by the length of the days spent pretending to forget, added to the days that we unconsciously moved through, squared by the remnants of nights spent missing you and the times when 1+1 was 2 and the answer to me was you! Can we be a anew? Clean slate, new house, laced shoes? So that we don’t trip, healed history, ripped past, maturity. Strength to stick together and share the truths, courage to defend the love not allow them to prosecute. I want a Brand New Love, but with the same old you! I want to fall in love again but this time I want to tell you to do it slowly, ease inside of me mentally like you don’t know me, be gentle with me, spoon and hold me closely….To your heart…!!! I pledge better days, I’ll always be present never just a memory and by your side even if King Kong grabs and pulls me. It’s time we go and freshen up, reinvent what was perfect from the start, better than reset a Fresh Restart!


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